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Our Own Maple History

Past to Present

2004 - Our first attempt

Using our 'Beginners Kit', we tapped six trees in our yard. The recycled gallon milk jugs filled quickly and it was exciting to see the 'collection buckets' fill up with about 40 gallons of sap during our first year. We boiled it in our outdoor fire pit, then finished it indoors on the stove. After almost losing a pint to the candy stage, we ended up with several small containers or about a gallon of finished syrup. Family and friends enjoyed the taste and encouraged us to try it again next season.

2005 - Taking root

Our second year included several of our neighbors, who out of curiosity, offered their Red and Silver maple trees for tapping. We drilled about 15 taps, and we collected and boiled down enough sap to make about 4 gallons of syrup. With a new label and some real bottles from a professional supplier, we were proud to share our finished product with family, friends and neighbors.

2006 - We're growing

We visited several Sugarhouses, and became members of the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association. We were much more confident about starting up the new season. We had more trees available, more taps, larger pans for boiling and a nice set of professional bottles with another new label. Our total for the year was about 8 gallons of finished product. Then, we began to get inquiries about... How did we make the maple syrup? Where did we get the sap? How hard is it to make syrup?

2007 - Branching out

During the summer, we discussed going "BIG". We decided to build a sugar house large enough to host visitors. We secured more trees for tapping within the community and purchased a professional evaporator with all the necessary equipment needed to take on more taps, transportation and storage of product. We now had a large enough space to boil, bottle and share our hobby with friends and visitors.
The 2007 season was suppose to be questionable due to the climate changes and new pests we were warned to look out for in the maple trees. Luckily 2007 was a great year for us! We collected, boiled and produced about 50 gallons of finished syrup!! We hosted a couple of open houses and tours to show the process. Product was now available to family, friends, neighbors- and word was spreading throughout the community. We would like to 'Thank our Patrons' for their support and interest in our products.

2008 - present - Maturation

We are looking forward to the upcoming season. Although the actual flow of maple sap lasts around 6-8 weeks (depending on weather conditions), our season begins in the early fall. We cut, split, and stack about 8 cord of wood to burn in the evaporator (see our 'Fire Wood' link.) Improvements, repairs, and purchases for the new year are made, and then set up begins. Everything gets washed and sanitized. We organize materials and schedule open houses, tours and begin marketing for the final products. When the temperature and wind is right, the season begins. We will drill and tap the trees, run tubing lines, hang buckets and wait. The production of syrup and collecting the sap is a combination of science, engineering, patience and sometimes that 'Yankee Ingenuity' we call - Trial and Error! Once the season is finished, the clean up begins. Everything gets taken apart, washed and stored for the next year. Marketing, sales and distribution of product will continue throughout the year.
We look forward to seeing you this season. We have some new things for you to see!