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Dave and Ellen Cournoyer grew up in Massachusetts. Both of us have a history of 'family farming'. When we purchased our home it had a wonderful southern orientation for tapping into the sun and a wooded northern property line for shade. We installed several raised bed gardens, planted blueberry bushes, strawberries, raspberry bushes and even a peach tree. Our gardens change and continue to evolve as we learn more about gardening.

Dave's love of nature and natural resources quickly got him interested in a domestic Solar Hot Water system for our home, which is still operating 35 years later. We are committed to using local products and our own natural resources whenever possible. As teachers, we enjoy sharing our experiences in gardening, sugaring and utilizing natural resources for natwcartalternative energy projects. Our four children, known around town for their basketball achievements, are grown and busy with work and raising their own children. (Yes, we're grandparents) But they all help out - when the calls go out, especially Dan - the right hand man! (Literally, he's right handed and Dave is left handed so it's a great team!)

After visiting several sugar houses, we purchased a 'beginners' tapping kit and tapped a couple of trees in our own backyard. Over the last few years, we have grown from a backyard operation into a real Sugarhouse with a professional evaporator and bottler. We tap trees from friends, neighbors and within our community. You'll see us about town as we tap trees and collect sap on a daily basis through the months of January, February and March depending on the weather.

This hobby has given us an appreciation of nature, an opportunity to share our knowledge, and promote the use of our natural resources within the community. We also donate a portion of the proceeds to two non-profit organizations that are dear to our hearts. (Dana Farber and Cystic Fibrosis)