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Welcome to Davell's

mapleleaf_bottle.jpgWelcome to David and Ellen Cournoyer's mini farm - better known as Davell's. We are located on a small cul-de-sac in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Here we grow seasonal vegetables, fruits and make our own maple syrup. What started out as a maple syrup 'hobby' has turned into a steadily growing business. You can see us around our local area as we tap trees and collect sap on a daily basis throughout the months of January, February and March depending on the weather. When we are not "sugaring," we stay busy cutting, splitting and delivering quality oak, ash, and maple firewood. We also are licensed for general home repairs and carpentry, which includes custom decks and sheds.

We both were fortunate to experience a little bit of farming while growing up. One of the biggest reasons that we purchased our home is that it had a southern orientation necessary for utilizing the sun - and a wooded northern property line for shade and protection. We quickly installed several large raised bed gardens, planted crops such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and even a single peach tree. Today, our gardens are more productive than ever as we continue to learn about working the land.

Dave became interested in solar technology and installed a domestic hot water system at our house, which is still saving us energy over 38 years later. We try to purchase local products, produce, and grow our own organic crops whenever possible. As recently retired teachers, we enjoy sharing our experiences in gardening, sugaring and utilizing natural resources for alternative energy projects.